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[21 Nov 2008|01:07pm]

These are me posing sexy, slightly suggestive I guess? Naughty of course! You be the judge of that hehe.


Come here...Collapse )
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:] [10 Nov 2008|01:46pm]

Me after Halloween - enjoy <3

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[17 Oct 2008|07:33pm]

Hey folks, lame introduction time.
I'm August...technically a boy :P
... just started a new journal hoping to find some people

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hi [15 Oct 2008|08:30pm]

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NEW COMMUNITY PROMO: cd_signots [05 Aug 2008|03:05pm]

Are you a significant other of a crossdresser or a crossdresser who wants advice from significant others of crossdressers? Then check out my new community cd_signots. I created this community because there are loads of communities for crossdressers, transgendered, and polygendered people, but not many that are just for the significant others. If you know someone who might be interested in this community, please let them know.


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[16 Mar 2008|01:47pm]

Well hey there! Been a while since posting to this community last... but you know, it's not like I've been doing any less genderbending XD just in other places. Recently, a chance encounter with Ochodre/Jaswinder came at the same time as somebody pointed me in the direction of a lot of rather lovely YGO fanart... as a result, I ended up rereading quite a lot of YGO fanfic, including Powerless and Anachronism, of course. XDb So here I am, to drop off some genderbending art and see if anybody still has this comm on their watch list. |Db

Anyway, enough prefacing, let's get to the art. Since it was YGO what brought me here, I'll start with that. |D Here we've got a sketch of Thief Queen Bakura, and another loose sketch of a female Yami Bakura.

I've been fandom hopping quite a lot as of late, though, so that's all the YGO stuff I've done lately. Some of what I've been way into lately is video games--like Makai Kingdom. Any fans? In any case, I've done a couple pics of Overlord Zetta as a lady. One can be found here, and another here, though the focus on that one is another genderswapped MK character, Alex.

Another video game by the same company, Disgaea 2, captured my heart quite thoroughly, so the main characters of that game, Adell and Rozalin, have gotten the same genderswitching treatment. (That one's a bit NSFW, due to another pic included with the batch.)

Lastly, I'm also quite fond of the game Okage, so how could I resist turning Evil King Stan into Evil Queen Stan? I've done that to him quite a lot, actually, so if you want to see other examples, let me know. XDb

Well, if I just left this post full of my art, it'd really kill the community, ha ha ha, so have a rec for somebody else's art to close this off. A little Legend of Zelda genderbending is always fun! And Link makes an adorable girl.

To bring this full circle, have a little rec of YGO art. I found an adorable pic of Yuugi dressed as the Black Magician Girl (from this site) and it entertained me a lot. Not just because it was Yuugi as the BMG, but because it's not the first time I've seen Yuugi--or other male characters--dressed as her. XDb (Sorry, don't know where the other two come from; if you do, I'll be happy to credit the artist!)

So, that's all for now--not to say it's all I've got, but I think I should call it quits while I might possibly still be ahead. Enjoy!

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Neon Gender Evangelion [13 Sep 2007|07:11pm]


Wish I could find out who did this... it's practically point-for-point accurate to the original opening...
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Bomber Girl [28 May 2007|11:43am]

[ mood | bored ]

The final story from the 'Bomber Girl' doujinshi.

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Bomber Girl Doujinshi [27 May 2007|12:49pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Some more scans from the 'Bomber Girl' doujinshi. Possible very mild NSFW.

8 thumbnails - Everyone continues to deal with Goku's unexpected change... Collapse )

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Dragon Ball Z Doujinshi [26 May 2007|12:50pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Some scans from a doujinshi called 'Bomber Girl' by Ryokurakuen and Rino Tadano. Goku appears to have gone through a very interesting change...

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[14 Apr 2007|01:51pm]

Hey guys,

Your old maintainer here with a new account. |D;; Long time no see.

I have not one, but TWO genderbending YGOGX doujinshi to scan in and post. :3 Not sure how many people here are familiar with Yugioh GX, but still, good stuff. \D
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Fic: Crossing The Gender Divide, Teen Titans, Tim/Kon, PG-15, 1/1 [01 Apr 2007|02:22am]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Crossing The Gender Divide
Author: Amarin Rose
Fandom: Teen Titans
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Tim and Kon both got turned into girls, and Kon has decided to make Tim’s head spin even more.

Having Kon show up at his room and say, “Show me your boobs,” was almost ridiculously familiar. At least, in the sense that Kon was still a pervert.

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Family guy Cars [03 Dec 2006|09:52pm]


I found this and this is so funny. Its what it would be like to genderbend a car. go family guy!

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Genderbending RP [05 Oct 2006|09:44pm]

Greetings! I've come here from the Avatar fandom with a bit of genderbending love, in the form of a comm.

A comm? What comm? Why atla_genderbent, an RPG where we hope to be having a lot of cracky fun as we twist around our characters.
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yay! [01 Aug 2006|07:24am]

I'm so glad to find this community! I started a Teen Titans (cartoon based, not comic based) RP several months ago, making available a male and female version of every character. Not long after that, I started writing two romantic drabble collections containing some of the gender-bent characters. Another girl who helps moderate is writing her own fic based off the RP. Here are mine, if you're at all interested in reading. They're both posted on FF.net.

Who's Speedy Now?: for Speedy/Arsenal and a female Kid Flash, who I call Babe Flash. (Wally West makes for a cute girl)
Villainy Is Love: for Private HIVE and female Kid Wykkyd, who I call Wykkyd Lady. (yes, I stole the idea from Sailor Moon)
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[23 Jul 2006|11:37pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Here are some gender-bender icons I made. From Superman #349 and Superman/Batman #23 & #24. Feel free to use however you like, but it would be nice if you let me know. ^^;

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[21 Jul 2006|09:18pm]

What Captain Planet Should have looked like XD

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Fic: Hearts And Smiles, Batverse/YJ/Teen Titans AU, Tim/Kon, Gender-Switch, PG-13, 1/1 [07 Jul 2006|06:20am]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Hearts And Smiles
Author: Amarin Rose
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tim/Kon
Summary: Tim Drake fixated on Dick Grayson in a different way, Kon-El was created as a girl, and their lives are different, and in some cases, better.

"He’d been dating Supergirl for a while, and Kon-El for as long as she’d held the name, but… Now he was a cheerleader, and he was dating a football player."

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